Refer a Friend & Receive Free Cash!

Have you been showing off your new bathroom remodel? Have your guests been asking, “Who did your remodel?” Refer them to Herl's and receive free cash! You can earn a total of $125 for EVERY referral that purchases from us! There is NO limit on how many people you refer or how much money you can make! You can also share your Herl's remodel photo on Facebook to receive $10 cash and/or leave us a positive Google review for another $10!

  • Fill out our referral form

    Give us your referral's contact information and we'll take care of the rest. (Make sure to include your contact info so you get credit!)

  • Call us and refer your friends at 410-219-9033

    If your referral calls us to make an appointment make sure they list you as the referral.

  • Hand out Herl's printable coupons to your friends

    Print, cut and fill out your coupons here. Include your name. When we get your coupons back, we will mail you your cash.

  • Share your Herl's remodel photos on Facebook, and get another $10

    Tag us to get credit! Click here to SHARE YOUR PHOTO.

  • Leave us a positive Google review, we will give you another $10

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NOTE: To participate in this referral program YOU must be a previous Herl's customer. Your contact information must be in our system so we know where to mail your cash. By submitting your referral you agree to these terms and conditions: In order for a referral to be valid and for you to get credit they have to be a NEW Herl's customer and NOT currently in our system. They must be entered into our system as YOUR referral prior to their appointment. Your referral must be within our service area. Herl's must be able to clearly determine where the referral came from and we reserve the right to decide if they are a new contact or not. In order for you to receive $125 cash, your referral must purchase from us, complete their job and pay in full before you receive your earnings. The maximum you can earn for each referral is $125 ($125 for the purchase) you do not receive extra money if they complete more than one project with us, second bath, kitchen, etc. If more than one person refers the same contact the credit will be given to the first person on file, not both. Herl's employees, contractors and their families are not eligible for the referral program. Herl's reserved the right to verify/disclose referee/referral information. To earn the $10 Google Review cash you must post a positive review of the remodel Herl's has done for you. Reviews must be posted on our Google Plus about pages. Only one $10 is given to each customer for each project. Negative reviews will be disqualified from any earnings. To earn the $10 Facebook cash you must post a photo of a remodel that Herl's has done for you. You must tag Herl's in the post and/or photo so that we can verify and give you credit. Only one $10 is given to each customer for each project. Negative photos will be disqualified from any earnings. Herl's reserves the right to change or end this promotion at any time.