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What is a Doorless Shower?



Have you been dreaming of an open, walk-in shower that makes your bathroom feel larger than ever?

Then you might want to consider adding a beautiful doorless shower to your space. While some walk-in showers do have doors, we’ve seen some customers opting for a doorless option for increased accessibility and to eliminate the barrier of curtain or door entry. Doorless showers are effortlessly elegant, and they are a great way to expand the feel of your shower because there is no door or tub wall to make you feel like you are in a confined space.

Another reason our customers love our doorless shower options is because they are easily accessible for those with limited mobility. Unlike a traditional bathtub, there’s just a small curb to step over when walking into a doorless shower, and in some cases, we can build it so the shower is completely flush with the floor. 

Doorless showers are also easy to clean because only the inside of the shower has to be wiped down! If you choose a material like acrylic for your shower, then it is even easier to clean than tile. Added accessories like built-in shelves, grab bars and seats can be added and to make your doorless shower fit your style and your needs. Whether you decide to go with a doorless shower or standard walk-in shower, upgrading your shower will greatly benefit you and your home.

Herl’s Bath and Tile specializes in custom bathrooms. If you would like a doorless shower, we can help design and add in the accessories you may want. For most projects, we can change the layout and style of your shower and bathroom in as little in two days!

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