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Safety In The Bathroom



Did you know that bathroom accidents are one of the top causes of injury for the elderly? As our age increases, so does the risk of injury in the bathroom. What we previously thought of as a mundane everyday occurrence can become a worrisome experience.

Some accidents are caused by the slippery surfaces commonly found in bathrooms. Others are a result of the physical exertion required to get in and out of a bathtub or shower. Because it is a private space, it is not uncommon for individuals to be in the bathroom alone. Whether you’re concerned about your own safety or that of a loved one, we can help. Herl’s provides solutions for bathroom safety to help reduce the risk of injury without compromising privacy or independence.

Walk-In Bathtubs

We offer a variety of walk-in tub options to address your safety concerns while also complementing your bathroom layout and style. Do you want jets in your tub? Choose from our selection of Jacuzzi fixtures for a customized hydrotherapy experience! Are you concerned about slipping? Our non-slip flooring and grab bars allow for a worry-free bathing experience. Worried about functionality? Our tubs drain quickly, never crack or fade and are easy to maintain.

Safer Showers

Herl’s offers a selection of customizable, ADA-compliant showers for optimal safety and comfort. First, choose a low threshold or no threshold shower for effortless entry and exit. Then, customize your shower with built-in seating options, long or short grab bars, anti-slip footing, foot pedestals and more! We offer plenty of material and safety options to satisfy your needs. We even offer soap dish and caddy options! Interested in the quality of our products? Our showers feature Silver Shield Anti-Microbial protection. Plus, they never crack or fade and are easy to maintain.

We prioritize luxury and wellbeing for any phase of life. Not to mention, we make the installation process a breeze with certified factory trained installers, dealer support, quick delivery and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us today to get started!