How to DIY Tile a Shower

Dec 07, 2020

How to DIY Tile a ShowerHello, enthusiastic homeowner! We see you stalking the web for some DIY bathroom tips and are here to supply you with a few of our favorite tricks. In this article, we’ll be focusing on one of the most commonly attempted bathroom DIYs: shower tiling. Is this a good project for beginners? How exactly does one attack this remodel? And, are there any alternatives? The answers are closer than you think:

To DIY or Not to DIY?

The bathroom is a space that you (hopefully) use every day. From supporting your morning routines to your evening rituals, it’s a room that’s sure to see a lot of wear and tear over the years. If you’re currently unhappy with your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and function, the temptation to undertake a DIY project can seem too good to pass up. For some homeowners, this means spicing things up with new paint or cabinetry. For others, it involves retiling the shower. Is this an easy remodeling project for the average DIYer? No, not exactly. Tiling a shower by yourself can be tricky; it’ll require special equipment, patience, math, and a lot of elbow grease. That being said, before you bust out the goggles and binge-watch shower tiling DIY videos, make sure you understand the labor and time required for the project.

Preparing for Your Tiling Project: Tips & Tricks

For a traditional shower, a retiling project could take anywhere from two to seven days, depending on your level of experience, access to equipment, and schedule. For professionals, it’s closer to a two-day job; as a DIYer, adjust your time accordingly. As previously stated, retiling your shower is not an easy DIY task. Every project is going to be different, but we’ve gathered a few tips to help you streamline where you can and get a better idea of the project’s requirements:


As with any DIY project, preparation is key! After carefully removing the old tiles in your shower, you’ll want to install a cement backer board to your shower walls. This will create a sound, even, and sturdy foundation for your new tiles.

Tile Layout

To simplify your project, plan the layout of your new shower tiles before installation. This step will help you avoid creating slivers and gaps along the corners and edges of your shower walls.

Keep The Shower Pan

Tiling around an existing shower pan is the best move for a DIYer. Besides streamlining the project, keeping or installing a shower pan will ensure a watertight seal—something that could otherwise cause expensive problems if tiled incorrectly.

Measure Properly

Measuring from the center of the shower is extremely important for any tiling project. This will ensure that your tiles are sized right, covering the entire wall space without gaps. These gaps will not only damage the aesthetic appeal of your shower, but they could also heighten the risk of water damage.

The Better Alternative

Shower Wall SurroundsIf you’re overwhelmed by this sizable job, know that you’re not alone! This DIY project is not for everyone and can actually end up costing you more when you factor in the unavoidable mistakes. Fortunately, there is an alternative: Jacuzzi wall surrounds. Available from the bathroom remodeling specialists at Herl’s Bath & Home Solutions, these attractive shower surrounds are designed to resist scratching and tearing, as well as impact and UV damage. Plus, they are extremely easy to clean. Best of all, the factory-trained, in-house installers at Herl’s Bath & Home Solutions can complete your shower remodel in as little as one day!

Did the alternative option win you over? If so, reach out to Herl’s Bath & Home Solutions today to explore our shower remodeling services. We serve homeowners in the Delmarva, Central Maryland, and DMV areas.

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