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Five Tips to Make Cleaning Your Bathroom a Breeze



Five Tips to Make Cleaning Your Bathroom a Breeze

Cleaning the bathroom is never fun, but these cleaning hacks can help you get the job done faster.

We know you have a busy schedule and the last thing you want to tackle on your to-do list is cleaning the bathroom. That’s why we’ve picked five of our favorite hacks from All You to help cut down on the time you spend scrubbing your bathroom. Check out these bathroom cleaning tricks and tips!

  1. Shower Head Hack

Take a sandwich or gallon zip-top bag and pour in 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar. Use a rubber band to secure the bag up and around the shower head, fully submerged. After letting it soak for 30 minutes, remove and rinse off with warm water.

  1. Tackle the Toothbrush Holder

Don’t scrub and soak your holder anymore. After making sure it’s dishwasher safe, put it in your dishwasher during the next cycle. This will sanitize and clean your holder without the mess of doing it by hand!

  1. Grout Grunge Gone

Instead of getting on your hands and knees with a bristled brush to scrub your grout lines, mix a solution of equal parts water and bleach or vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake it up, spray it on and make sure you let it dry entirely. Once dry, you can rinse it with warm water and watch the grunge go away!

  1. Cure for a Clogged Drain

Next time you think you need to run to the store to buy a bottle of Drain-O, turn to a product you probably already have at home: Alka-Seltzer. Take a tablet, drop it down your clogged drain and follow it with a cup of vinegar afterward. Wait a few minutes and then let hot water rinse it all down.

  1. Filthy Chrome Faucet Fix

You might never imagine that shaving cream would be useful without a razor but think again! Squirt some onto your chrome sink fixtures and gently rub around all sides. Now use a wet towel to wipe it off and reveal your shiny, like-new faucet! P.S. This trick can be helpful on all your chrome accents around the house!

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