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Do walk-in tubs have showers?



Walk-in tubs are a wonderful creation, especially for those who love baths. But, you also may want an occasional shower. Depending on how you like to bathe, you may want to opt for a tub and shower. Herl’s uses Jacuzzi brand walk-in tubs, which does provide a pull-out shower nozzle in addition to a bath faucet.

Each walk-in tub comes with a seat for ease and relaxation in the tub, it also comes with a retractable showerhead that sits next to the bath faucet. This is usually input to be used for a shower experience while sitting down, or standing in the foot area of the bathtub. An extended shower rod can be placed in the bath for the purpose of placing the retractable showerhead at a higher level and to be used hands-free, like a standard shower. This will have to be something that is talked about with your bathroom installer. With Herl’s, if this is your desire, we recommend you come into our showroom to see the products first-hand and understand what products you are working with. In addition, we will come to your home to do a free consultation. This will allow our installers to see the space they are working on, and how they can transform your bathtub experience. This will also be a time to mention you want a shower experience as well as a walk-in bath experience, then the installer can tell you exactly the best way to make that work depending on your bathroom.

Along with a bathtub faucet and retractable showerhead, every Jacuzzi comes with a seal-lock door, a curved seat, gripped floor, lights, jets, safety bars, an easy stop-drain button and air control. Jacuzzi walk-in tubs are the only brand that allows Epsom salt treatment! A popular remedy for soreness, or just an enjoyable way to soak, Epsom salts are safe to use with Jacuzzi walk-in bathtubs. If you have more questions about walk-in bathtubs and possible shower situations, contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions! If you are more interested in a luxurious shower experience, we recommend you look into our walk-in showers!