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Can My Water Heater Handle a Walk-In Tub?



Replacing your outdated bathtub with a new walk-in tub not only helps to make your bathroom safer and more accessible, but it gives you a luxurious space to relax while you soak your worries away.

There’s nothing better than preparing for a nice hot bath, complete with soothing music and candlelight until you step in and realize the water isn’t so hot after all.

If your water heater isn’t big enough to heat the amount of water it takes to fill your walk-in tub, your dream of a warm, relaxing bath may, in reality, be more like a tub full of lukewarm water.

It’s important to know how much your water heater holds before you move forward with a walk-in tub installation to ensure that your heater can accommodate the size of the tub.

How much should my water heater hold?

In most cases, a 50-gallon water heater should be enough to fill most walk-in tubs with comfortably warm water. However, larger walk-in tub models may require a larger water heater.

Fortunately, if you choose Herl’s as your walk-in tub installer, we walk you through this process from start to finish. Our talented team of installers will check your water heater’s capacity, age and location (which may affect heating performance) to ensure that your tank will be able to accommodate your new tub.

How do I get started?

Thinking about adding a walk-in tub to your bathroom, but not sure where to begin? That’s why we’re here! Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about our walk-in tub options and determine which one is right for your home. Or, come see the products in person, by visiting one of our two showrooms.

With our help, you’ll be enjoying your walk-in tub (full of warm water!) for years to come.