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Benefits of Acrylic for Your Tub and Shower



Benefits of acrylic

When most people think of bathrooms, tile comes to mind. While tile may be great for your floor, the benefits of acrylic can’t be matched when it comes to bathtubs and showers. Over the past 25 years, Herl’s has become a leading bath remodeler in the area. Throughout this time we have learned the many benefits of acrylic showers and bathtubs, which is why it’s our preferred choice over tile.

Here are some of the benefits we see every day working with acrylic.

1. Acrylic material is naturally more resistant to mold.

Acrylic bathtubs and showers do not grow mold or mildew as tile does. Nothing makes you feel less clean in your bathtub or shower like seeing mold growth. Acrylic does not have the same chemical components as tile, making it cleaner and less susceptible to growing fungus.

2. Acrylic is very easy to clean.

Although it is not as susceptible to mold, you should, of course, still clean your acrylic bath or shower regularly. Fortunately, acrylic is easy to clean. Instead of having to scrub at unwanted colors and stains, as you would for tile, a simple rinse of a cleaning product will do the trick.

3. Acrylic is safer.

Acrylic is naturally slip-resistant. Your bath and shower should be a safe and easy-to-use environment, and with acrylic material, there is no slippery wet tile to cause a potential fall. All acrylic products are made for you to be able to walk on, safely.

4. Acrylic can look less dated.

There are so many different color and texture acrylic options available! Whether you’re going for a classic look or a fun expression of color, there’s an acrylic option that will fit your style.

5. Acrylic is easy to install.

Our certified technicians can install acrylic in as little as one day, so you can have the bathroom of your dreams in almost no time at all.

6. Acrylic is not as expensive as tile.

Acrylic is not as expensive to make or buy as its tile counterpart. So, better looking and better priced? That’s not an easy combination to pull off, but acrylic does!

7. Our acrylic features come with a lifetime warranty. 

Acrylic does not crack easily, but if it does, we will repair it under warranty, at no extra cost! We really believe our acrylic is the best option and we back it up with a lifetime warranty.

Still wondering if acrylic is the best option for you? We have a team of experts who would love to talk to you and answer your questions. Schedule a free consultation today!