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Are Walk-in Tubs Worth It?



walk-in tub

Have you been trying to decide if you should make the switch to a walk-in tub in your bathroom? We understand that it can feel like a big decision, so we’re here to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.


The most common reason customers come to us for more information about walk-in tubs is that they have safety concerns about their existing tub. Stepping over the wall of a traditional tub can be dangerous, leading to injury in some cases. A walk-in tub eliminates that risk by replacing the wall with an easily accessible door. When the tub is in use, the door is tightly sealed so that no water can escape. Additionally, walk-in tubs come equipped with a comfortable seat that gives you easy access to the tub’s controls, making bathing a more comfortable and accessible experience.


If you’re looking to customize or enhance your bathing experience, a walk-in tub is one of your best options. With the ability to add features like jets, colored lights, safety bars and more, your walk-in tub can truly be the bath of your dreams. We even have different depths available, so you can take the soak you’ve always dreamed about. Your bathroom can feel like a spa made just for you when you customize the perfect walk-in tub.


Over the past few years, we’ve seen that adding a walk-in tub to your bathroom can help increase your home’s value if you choose to sell. Our walk-in tubs are made with beautiful acrylic, which is easy to clean and is not prone to developing mold like other materials are. The acrylic is also slip resistant and it retains heat to keep you comfortable while you soak. If you make the switch to a walk-in tub, you’ll enjoy it for years to come!

Ready to add a walk-in tub to your home? Check out our monthly specials or schedule a free consultation for more information about how to get started. Our guide on the benefits of walk-in tubs can help answer any additional questions you may have. Your dream bathroom is just a phone call away!