Acrylic Bathtub Installer Serving Rockville, MD

Acrylic Bathtub Rockville MDThere are many benefits to having an acrylic bathtub installed in your home in Rockville, Maryland – particularly when it is installed by local contractor Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions. Going the acrylic route is a highly cost-effective option that will not drain your bank account. It doesn’t cost a fortune like ceramic, marble, or granite, and it delivers excellent practicality without sacrificing beauty. Acrylic bathtub systems have been installed for more than 25 years and are one of the fastest-growing segments of the home remodeling industry. They are:

  • Durable – Acrylic is an especially durable material that is ideally suited for bathroom-related applications. Because it is easily molded, acrylic is the material of choice for uniquely shaped tubs and the inclusion of aesthetic detailing.
  • Attractive – At Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions, every acrylic bathtub that we install in the Rockville, MD, area features a high-gloss finish that doesn’t fade away with time. Another great thing about acrylic is that scuffs and scratches are practically invisible because the color is solid all the way through. Refinishing and reglazing generally is required for tubs made out of other materials.
  • Highly customizable – There is no such thing as a stock acrylic tub. The team at Herl’s will provide you a tub that has been manufactured in a custom size to perfectly fit your bathroom. Further customization can be achieved through the addition of a soap dish, corner shelving, grab bars, bench seating, and other highly practical features.

For more information, contact Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions, an acrylic bathtub installer serving Rockville, MD, that provides better service and greater value than the big box stores and large contractors.