Acrylic Bath Installer Serving Silver Spring, MD

Acrylic Bath Silver Spring MDIf you live in Silver Spring, Maryland, and wish to have a new acrylic bath installed in your home, then just turn to Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions. We are a full-service bathroom remodeler that can provide you a high-quality acrylic bathtub and have it installed by the experienced professionals on our team.

Why an acrylic bath and not a bath made out of some other material like cast iron or porcelain-enameled steel? Because acrylic is a highly cost-effective material that is ideally suited for bathtub construction. Unlike cast iron, which is incredibly heavy, and unlike porcelain-enameled steel, which is prone to chipping, acrylic is a relatively lightweight material and can easily withstand everyday wear and tear and continue to look brand new for years.

Hiring Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions to install an acrylic bath in your home in Silver Spring, MD, has several distinct advantages:

  • We provide superior value through a combination of well-made, reasonably priced products and meticulous installation services.
  • We are highly skilled at remaining in close communication with our customers and are more helpful than larger contractors and big-box home improvement stores.
  • Herl’s is an established business, having been around since 1991. Not many bathroom remodeling contractors have been able to achieve that kind of industry longevity.

Contact Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions today if you think you might be interested in having us install an acrylic bath in your home in Silver Spring, MD.

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